How to clean white converse without baking soda

White converses looks impressive and stylish, only if it is white really. Unfortunately, light sneakers quickly lose form. If dust or dirt gets on them, you cannot return just the whiteness by wiping with a damp cloth. We will have to carry out a set of measures to make your favorite shoes again presentable. So, how to clean white converse without baking soda?

How to clean a white converse sole

Before starting to clean white Converse, you need to clean off the sole thoroughly. On the sole, the greatest amount of dirt accumulates, which can pass to the fabric or skin during the processing of shoes. The gray or yellowed rubber edging will not look good against the background of the white base. There are several effective options for cleaning the soles.

Washing powder

  1. In a wide pelvis, prepare a concentrated soap solution. For every liter of water, add three tablespoons of detergent.
  2. Clean off the surface of the contamination and put shoes in soapy water for one hour.
  3. Then, rub the rubber surface intensively with an old toothbrush.
  4. Rinse under running water and leave to dry in the fresh air.


  1. Dilute a portion of the vinegar in three parts of the water.
  2. Soak the sponge with a solution and rub the cleaned sole well.
  3. Clean the surface with a clean damp cloth.
  4. Rinse under running water and put to dry in the fresh air.


  1. Squeeze a little toothpaste on an old toothbrush.
  2. Rub the surface intensively and leave for ten minutes.
  3. Repeat the manipulations until the sole is white fully.
  4. Rinse the sole and dry it.

To clean the white soles, choose toothpaste without colored additives, so as not to color the rubber.

Wash White Converse

Wash White Converse

If the sole already shines with cleanliness, you can move on to washing. It is a sure way to make white sneakers again white.


  1. Take out the insoles
  2. Fill the pelvis with water and immerse the shoes in liquid fully.
  3. While the sneakers are soaking, prepare the paste from the detergent and a small amount of water.
  4. With the resulting composition, treat the whole surface of the shoe. Use the old toothbrush.
  5. Give soaped sneakers to stand for half an hour.
  6. Rinse the shoes thoroughly and allow to dry naturally.

Wash rag-sneakers only in cold water. From the hot temperature, they can turn yellow.


  1. Release the sneakers from the shoelaces, insoles.
  2. Flush out the soles from dirt well, clean the inside of the shoe with a damp cloth.
  3. Remove the sand and stones from the sneakers so that they do not damage the drum.
  4. Place the shoes in special mesh bags and load them into the drum of the washing machine.
    white converse in special bags
  5. Add old towels or pillowcases so that during washing the shoes do not beat so hard against the machine’s walls.
  6. Pour the bleaching detergent into the compartment.
  7. Set the delicate operation without wringing and at a temperature of no higher than 40 ° C.
  8. After completion of washing, hang the sneakers on the clothesline, attaching it with the clothespin behind the tongue.

Washing machine – not the best option, how to clean white converse. For such shoes, a wet treatment with a solution of laundry soap or dishwashing liquid is suitable.


  1. To whiten the sneakers without washing, first, remove the shoelaces and insole.
  2. Clean the surface contaminants with a stiff, dry brush.
  3. Dip the brush in water and dip it in toothpowder.
  4. Thoroughly clean the outer and inner surfaces.
  5. Wait for 30-40 minutes and delete the means with a clean, dry brush.

Taking care of how to return the whiteness to conventional sneakers or products from Convers, do not forget about the laces. They should soak for half an hour in a concentrated soap solution and they should  rub well. If the laces have lost their appearance full, replace them with new ones.

How to get rid of yellow spots on the white converse

How to get rid of yellow spots on the white converse

If it was not possible to remove the yellow stains on the sneakers after washing,  it is necessary to carry out additional processing. The following three recipes cope with yellowness effectively.

By talc

Mix the talc or baby powder and water. Must be a mass that resembles dense gruel.

To wash the white sneakers from the yellow spots, treat the entire surface of the sneakers with the means, rubbing it into the most polluted areas.

When the shoes are completely dry, remove talc from the material with a dry, hard brush.


  1. Impregnate the cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Apply to the yellowed place and hold for 30-60 seconds.
  3. Rinse the sneakers with cold water.

Whenever you wash white sneakers, add a couple of tablespoons of peroxide to the soap solution. It will prevent the appearance of yellow divorces.

How to get rid of the stains on the white converse

Purified white converses, the result of Before and After

Usual washing does not help to get rid of ingrained dirt. To combat old spots need to use additional funds.


  1. Damp the cotton sponge in purified gasoline.
  2. Rub the mark intensively and leave them for another five minutes.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.

Vinegar, citric acid, and powder

  1. Mix the vinegar, citric acid, and powder in equal amounts.
  2. Moisten the soiled areas and apply the prepared paste.
  3. After ten minutes, rinse.

Instead of citric acid, you can add hydrogen peroxide. It means will help get rid of the black strips on the fabric and rubber soles.


  1. Dampen cotton wool in alcohol and wipe the stains.
  2. Processing should carry out until the soiled places are not bright.
  3. Rinse the sneakers with cold water to get rid of the specific odor of the remedy.

Do not use alcohol on the sneakers with a floral pattern. The product will “eat” the color and spoil the pattern.


YES! It was he. He can help, too!

  1. Spot a slight oil with Vaseline, rubbing into the fabric.
  2. Leave for a quarter of an hour.
  3. Wipe off the treated areas with a tissue.
  4. To remove vaseline residues, wash your sneakers with laundry soap or dish soap.

Washing white cloth sneakers is not an easy task. Therefore, when you have achieved the desired result, it is important not to spoil it by improper drying. It is strictly forbidden to use a hairdryer, fan heater or other heating appliances. To preserve whiteness shoes must be dried naturally on the balcony or the windowsill.