How to clean white Adidas shoes

Many people strive to wear snow-white shoes in any weather, and the question arises: how to clean white Adidas shoes, because street’s dirt seems to eat them, sometimes it is not easy to remove it. There are two proven ways how to clean white Adidas shoes at home:

  • manual cleaning method;
  • use the “services” of the washing machine.

Before proceeding to the procedure of whitening once white shoes, you need to make sure that it is as clean as possible, only then start to wash them from the devoured dirt. Unpleasant black stripes and stains on shoes can erase with the help of an ordinary eraser. It is desirable to remove the laces before removing the stains.

Proven methods of whitening shoes Adidas

It is possible to clean Adidas white shoes from black spots effectively using one of the following methods. For example, the white surface of the shoe is cleaned off with a conventional toothpaste effectively. For this purpose, brush with medium bristles or soft fibers is taken, with it, the toothpaste is gently rubbed directly into places where old dirt still can be seen. When the cleaning of the shoes is finished, you need to clean the excess with a sponge or a moistened cloth.

You can create with your own hands a unique means for home whitening of Adidas shoes: the usual washing powder should mix with one tsp. table vinegar, adding there a little peroxide or squeezed lemon juice, bring the mixture to a consistently thick paste. Further, using the same toothbrush, you need to distribute the composition to the places of contamination carefully. If white Adidas shoes have a mesh surface, then this method will be dangerous, because this compound can eat soft material.

If the previously described methods of the desired effect have not had, then it is worth paying attention to special oxygen’s bleaches. If they are issued in powder form, then you need to dilute them to the required consistency; if in a liquid texture, then dilution is not required. You just need to rub the surface of shoes with this solute and evaluate the result.

There is another way, how to clean white Adidas shoes: buy white paint for shoes in a special shop. It is true for those who have leather sneakers, but for a rag variant of these means are not suitable. You just need to apply the paint to the Adidas pre-cleaned shoes, and you can enjoy the result. To bleach, once-gray sneakers are much easier than it seems.

You can use the following helpful advice: to clean the Adidas sneakers you need to prepare a special mixture. To do this, in a small container you need to pour a little liquid soap, add a bit of ordinary soda and toothpaste, mix it all up to homogeneity. We apply to the resulting composition to the brush and clean them with problem areas. After this manipulation, we send the sneakers to the pelvis with the powdered water. There you need to expel them manually. In the end, bleached sneakers need to rinsed thoroughly. Drying should be exclusively in outdoor conditions.

Any footwear, including sneakers, requires proper care, so you need to lubricate it with cream and special protective means periodically.

In addition to whitening the entire surface of shoes, there are situations where you need to clean off a heavily soiled and gray once-white sole. How to return it former whiteness, so that sneakers or other shoes Adidas again acquired a commodity appearance?

How to clean and make a white sole in shoes Adidas

The sole that is most vulnerable to pollution exactly, which can not remov due completely to its embossed surface. The following proven methods will be able to restore its natural whiteness:

  1. You can prepare a solution of a special bleach on an oxygen base, place it in a pelvis, where to put the contaminated shoes. It is necessary to leave shoes for action with the product for 2-3 hours, after which you need to thoroughly clean the rubber with a toothbrush, rinse under running water.
  2. You can wad a disk moistened with ordinary acetone, wipe the entire surface of the sole, treating the problem areas with all care.
  3. Remove the unpleasant gray coating on the soles of ordinary table vinegar or citric acid. Citric acid applies in its pure form, but vinegar must dilute with water. The procedure should be carried out with gloves.
  4. Dark stains are removed perfectly with the help of a regular stationery eraser.

In addition to these methods, cleaning of white Adidas shoes may require thorough washing; only it can save shoes in some situations.

Adidas shoe washing procedure

There are two ways to wash white Adidas shoes.

  1. With the machine type of washing, it is enough to choose the appropriate mode “Sports shoes.” A like regime is not in all models of washing machines. A washing of the shoes is inadmissible in the normal way because there is a risk of it completely ruin and make it unsuitable for wearing.
  2. You can protect your favorite Adidas  shoes by doing everything manually. To this end, you need to recruit enough warm water in the middle basin, carefully dissolve a good powder in it, then put the shoes in this solution.

Wash the white Adidas shoes several times, thoroughly rinsing in the end. It should remember that even a small amount of powder in the water can lead to visible yellow divorces on the surface of the shoe, so it is necessary to wash the sneakers after washing very carefully. Drying occurs exclusively in the air.

If the surface of the shoe has absorbed any dirt, then the washing will not give desired effect. To remove rooted dirt, use a normal cotton swab dipped in petrol. After treatment with clean petrol, problem areas should be wiped off with a damp cloth moistened with a liquid stain remover. After that, you need to wash the shoes and dry it thoroughly. From the unpleasant stains, there will be no trace.

Basic rules for the care of shoes Adidas

Leather sneakers or other Adidas white shoes should treat with a special water-repellent compound immediately after purchase. Such manipulations must repeat periodically, applying the composition to a previously cleaned surface.

The plantar tread is inherent in accumulating dirt, so it is worth paying special attention to cleaning it. The usual toothbrush can cope with the task of extracting small debris and dirt from the relief surface. Toothpaste in combination with squeezed lemon juice perfectly bleaches the surface of such shoes.

Adidas shoes made of suede or soft nubuck do not require wet cleaning and washing, they have special dry cleaning means.

Budget textile sneakers are undesirable to wash with detergent; then the usual liquid detergent will do. Other components with more aggressive effects can simply spoil the cheap material from which they are created. This, too, must be taken into account when buying a particular sneaker. This especially applies to the mesh material.

Adidas genuine leather sneakers require special care and gentle washing. It is possible to wash off them from dirt with a special soft sponge and ordinary soap.

Complex spots on the strength of only stain remover, which has a soft effect on the tissue.

It is also possible to clean shoes on a rag-based basis with the help of ordinary ammonia. When working with it, it is desirable to protect yourself with rubber gloves and a respiratory mask.

Happy owners of snow-white sneakers, shoes should not be upset if the latter suddenly become covered with dark spots of dirt, they can be easily cleaned using the methods tested in practice, which was described above. Everyone can choose the advice that is most convenient for him. It is important to observe the technology of drying such shoes; if you do not, you can get the opposite effect in the form of crumpled, but pure sneakers. It is important to preserve the original appearance of the sneakers and their original shape. And then a snow-white pair of sports shoes Adidas will last you a long time.