How to clean ultra boost sole

The white sole of sneakers somehow becomes dirty and gray-yellow with time. Also much depends on the very quality of polyurethane on sports models. You can wear your favorite sneakers for many years, and they will stay in good condition, but it happens that newly bought shoes are soon starting to look awful. Despair is not necessary because there are many ways that quickly and efficiently help to wash the white soles in the home. And so, how to clean ultra boost sole?

Methods for cleaning the ultra boost sole

Methods for cleaning the ultra boost sole

Washing powder

You need to make a soapy solution. To do this, take about half a cup of detergent and dilute it in hot water. Shoes should be placed in the solution in such a way that one sole becomes wet.

Half an hour is enough to ensure that soapy water is actively fighting mud. After that, you need to clean the white soles of shoes with a solid brush, and then rinse with water and wipe from moisture.

Baking soda

Wet a piece of cloth and pour on it 1 tablespoon of soda. Wipe the ultra boost sole with a material, then rinse. If the top of the shoe is made of fabric, it is important to ensure that soda does not fall on it, because this substance has a whitening property and can leave light spots.


To wash the white soles on the sneakers, take powder or paste will do. Apply an agent to the old toothbrush and clean the surface.

In the ultra boost sole with pimples and uneven relief, dirt is eaten very strongly, so sometimes it takes a lot of effort and time to wipe the rubber surface.

Acetone or nail polish remover

They are very effective and can clean any surface easily, but it’s worth remembering that these substances sometimes behave in relation about rubber aggressively, they can just spoil it. Before the procedure, it is necessary to check how the material will react to the cleaner. To do this, wet the cotton wool in acetone and wipe the sole from the inside. If the polyurethane not damaged, you can start cleaning.


Ordinary table vinegar will also help to clean the white soles on the sneakers. The product should be diluted with warm water (about one tablespoon per half cup), then moisten with a cotton swab in the solution and wipe the ultra boost sole.

The dry citric acid may be excellent for the same purposes. Powder should be poured onto the ultra boost sole and wiped with a sponge.

Means for bleaching or for removing stains

In the pelvis with water, you need to add several times more funds than usual. The sole of the shoes should be placed in this solution and left for a while. An hour is enough to make her white and clean again. If the bleach has a liquid consistency, it can not dilute in water, but apply to the sponge and wipe the dirty surface.


This well-known stationery item well removes black strips, which necessarily with time appear on the sole. You just rub the sole by the rubber. The eraser can make the surface matte: to remove this defect a use transparent or white shoe polish.


As this citrus has a high level of acidity, it can remove dirt easily. To do this, you need to squeeze out the lemon juice, dampen a swab in it and wipe the contaminated zones.

Potato starch and milk

Another effective “people’s” way. To use it, make a paste of these ingredients in equal amounts and lubricate the sole.

How to wash the white ultra boost sole without harm to the shoes

white ultra boost sole

Incorrect use of some methods can damage the shoes, and that this does not happen, you need to follow these rules:

  • When cleaning the soles with acetone or a nail polish remover, use only a cotton swab or a white material, since when the solvent hits a colored cloth, he begins to corrode, and then there will be stains on the surface;
  • Do not use bleach. This potent substance will only aggravate the situation because after it the ultra boost sole will turn yellow;
  • It is better to use a brush, rather than a cloth or sponge, since hard bristles penetrate better in all the holes, especially if the sole is ribbed;
  • The first, you need to try to clean the white soles with the least harmless means, for example, soda, vinegar, powder. If such actions did not lead to a positive result, then only stain remover, acetone, and other chemicals can use;
  • After completing the cleaning procedure, the sole should be wash properly with hot water and then wiped out.

Any white soles acquire a yellowish tinge over time. To ensure that it remains as white as possible for a long time, every time you comes home from the street, it must be thoroughly wiped.