How to clean the spectacles

Even if you do not touch the glasses with your hands, they are covered with dust, grease, and dirt for a day. The lens needs to be cleaned regularly, to keep all functionality. Let’s find out, how to clean the spectacles?

How to clean the lenses of spectacles

How clean lenses spectacles

Clean the glass with the utmost care. Use only special tools and tissues. Even if the edge of a T-shirt or handkerchief seems to be soft, there is a risk of leaving scratches on the lenses. Because of them, over time to appear, the effect of haze.

For proper care, it is allowed to use:

  • special sprays for cleaning glasses;
  • disposable napkins for glasses;
  • microfiber headscarves;
  • Warm soapy water.

The glasses cleaners are delicate. Ordinary glass can be cleaned with alcohol or a liquid for washing mirrors, but for lenses they are fatal: they erase the protective coating from ultraviolet radiation.

Liquids and napkins impregnated with the composition for cleaning lenses can be purchased in optics. There are also sold small handkerchiefs of microfiber, which does not leave stains on the glasses and carefully removes greasy stains.

How to properly clean spectacles

How properly clean spectacles

So! How to clean glasses?  Before cleaning spectacles, the glasses must be moistened. On the lens, not only dirt accumulates, but also dust, which, with a “dry” cleaning, will leave microscopic scratches. If there is no special cleaning spray, just drop the glasses into warm soapy water and rinse them under the tap.

Immediately after the “shower,” you can remove the greasy layer on the glass. At this stage, wipes are impregnated with a special composition, or ordinary handkerchiefs made of soft microfiber are used. The cloth needs to be wrapped around the glass and gently move it back and forth.

If there is no microfibre cloth, just shake off the water and leave the glasses to dry naturally. Do not use ordinary towels or hard tissue. It’s easy to check the result: an “open” frame rises to the light, all the stains are visible to the naked eye.

A hard case helps to protect glasses from contamination or damage, which also needs to be cleaned regularly.  Spoiled lenses can adversely affect vision, but if you do not touch the glasses with your fingers and take care of them carefully, you can significantly extend the life.