How to clean sweet potatoes

Cleaning of sweet potato is routine and sometimes unpleasant work. How to accomplish the task faster?

There are several ways to clean the sweet potato from skin: using a knife or a vegetable peeling. Everyone decides for himself which of the methods is more convenient. On the one hand, we have been accustomed to clean foods with a knife since childhood. On the other hand, vegetable peeling significantly shortens the time.

How to clean sweet potato with a vegetable knife

How to clean sweet potato with a vegetable knife

  1. Wash potatoes from dirt and dry, and it won’t slip out of the hands.
  2. Take the small vegetable knife and cut the skin for thin layers.
  3. You can cut the peel spirally or in small strips.
  4. It is better not to cut in the direction of yourself because if the knife slips, you can get hurt.
  5. Wash the vegetables.
  6. Cut out the axillary but (co-called potato «eyes») and different damages: blue or blackened places.

How to use vegetable peeling

It is easier and much safer to use than an ordinary knife. Experts recommend to chose vegetable cleaners with a ceramic blade. It has the function of self-sharpening and not subject to corrosion, unlike metal components.

  1. Take the washed potato in one hand and the vegetable peeling in other.
  2. Hold the potatoes tightly and peel the skin along the vegetable.
  3. It is more convenient to cut the vegetable skin towards itself.

Potatoes can be cleaned without a previous washing. But in this case, it needs to be washed more thoroughly after cleaning. Axillary buts and damaged areas have to be cut out after washing the vegetables.

How to clean  sweet potato  with a sponge

clean sweet potatoes

Each homemaker has a metal sponge in the kitchen, which is usually used for cleaning of frying pans, a sink, and other kitchen cookware. Besides, with the help of a metal sponge you can clean sweet potato:

  1. Take a clean metal sponge.
  2. Gently rub sweet potato with a sponge from all sides.
  3. Remove the axillary buts using a knife.
  4. Rinse the vegetables.

Today, automatic vegetable peelers are becoming more and more popular, which are aimed to remove the skin of the sweet potato, fruits, and other vegetables. To do this, just fix the product on the device and run it. The smart machine beeps when the component is completely cleaned. The only inconvenience of the approach is that each tuber should be installed and removed manually, and such device does not remove axillary buts. But the skin is removed very thinly only in the case when the surface of sweet potato is smooth, and there are no other unevennesses.