How to clean salmon

How clean salmon

Fish is wholly cheaper than ready-made fillets. Besides, you have a head and a ridge, from which you can weld a tasty broth. So let’s learn how to carve it, it’s not so difficult.

And so, how to clean salmon?

  1. In one movement, make an incision on the belly from the neck to the fin and gut the fish (most likely, this has already done in the store). Take the fish by the cervical fin and trim the head in a circle under the gill bone. If you plan to use the head for broth, remove the gills – with them the broth will be bitter.
    cleaning salmon
  2. Cut the fin under the tail – so it will be more convenient to separate the fillets. You need to do this by cutting the fin from two sides, so as a result, you get a cutout like a triangle.
    salmon cleaning
  3. how to clean salmon for sushiSeparate the ribs bones from the spine. You need to do this with one movement from the inside. Cut the skin and divide the carcass into two pieces. When separating the spine, you need to keep it with paper towels so as not to injure your hands on sharp bones. Remains of meat from the ridge are more conveniently removed with a fork.
  4. how to clean and fillet a salmonWith a long fillet knife, peel the fillets from the top row of spinal bones.
  5. how to clean salmon fillet before cookingSeparate the ribs bones, cut the film and separate the flesh (it is well suited for salting) – you can help yourself with a finger – in this place, it should separate itself.
  6. how to clean a salmonRemove the bones from the tail with an inclination to the side of the belly (along with the bone growth path). In this case, you need to hold the meat with your hand, so as not to break it through the fibers.
  7. how to clean salmon fishSeparate the skin – to do this, lay the fillet skin down and, holding the skin near the tail, slightly prune. Then make a small incision in the middle of the separated piece of skin, into which you can insert a finger.
  8. how to clean salmon filletPull the skin from the head and simultaneously cut it all along the length, starting with the tail. It is very elastic, can stretch out a few times. A knife can not saw at the same time – you need to cut one long movement from the “heel” of the knife to the tip.

For some dishes, a filet requires on the skin. Before you cut the salmon on the fillet, you need to clean it from the scales. It is doing in the following way. Take a special knife to clean the fish. If there is no such thing, it is enough to use a conventional knife with a short, lasting blade. Fish should be gutted. Otherwise, you can crush the gallbladder. Begin to clean from the tail of the fish to the head. If the scales are held firmly on the fish, quickly scald it with boiling water.

During the cleaning of the fish, the scales scatter in all directions. To then do not have to wash the entire kitchen, it is better to put the fish in a basin or a sink with cold water so that the carcass was immersed approximately 10 cm. Clean the fish directly under water, holding it with a rag. Rinse the fish in clean water and dry with paper towels.