How to clean rubber phone case

Everyone wants to use a phone case for a long time. It protects the device from dirt, but there is no guarantee that your case will always be fresh too. Therefore, it is necessary to clean it regularly. How to clean rubber phone case?

Rubber phone case cleaning

Rubber phone case cleaning

It is forbidden to wash a phone, but you can wipe it with a wet cloth or wadding. Remember, that wadding has to be damp but not dripping.

Properly squeeze it out and gently wipe the case. This method is not very efficient, but the simplest and the most affordable one.

To increase the effect, you can add a little vinegar (1 pipette drop for 1 cup of water).

Wet wipes are good helpers in our situation. It differentiates:

  • ordinary hygienic;
  • special wipes for phones.

The most common methods of cleaning:

  • Soap solution – add a liquid soap to the water and mix it. So everything is ready to scour away a stain. This technique works best if dirt is fresh and not withered yet;
  • Dishwashing detergent – it should be used carefully, as it is more caustic than just soap. But also it is better to clean spots (for example, Fairy);
  • Soda is better to use for whitening. Apply a little bit of soda to the toothbrush and rub a case with it. Then the remnants of the product are washed away under clean water.

clean rubber phone case

Cases for mobile phones, especially rubber ones, do not always go with this method of cleaning.

Therefore, you can use some more tools:

  1. Toothpaste and powder. Remember, that using a whitening paste is better; otherwise, it will be necessary to clean the accessory for more than one day.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide – it is cheap, but due to its properties, it easy scores stains. Problems can arise if spots are old and stubborn.
  3. You can also replace soap and dishwashing liquid. Window cleaner would be a good alternative. But it is important to remember about its acerbity, therefore don’t to use much of it during washing. Try to dilute a small concentration.
  4. Alcohol helps too. But this method needs a lot of time and efforts to get rid of stains.
  5. Nail polish remover is good at cleaning too. But if you have a picture located on the case, take a product without acetone because you risk damaging the area.
  6. Stain from the paint can be well cleaned with a solvent, and the main thing is to make sure that you apply a little bit of a liquid and it touches only the surface where the stain is located. Otherwise, you may spoil your phone case.
  7. The rubber surface is often cleaned by using an ordinary eraser. But usually, it works only on a white surface. Because it is unknown how well the accessory was painted, and this method can damage other colors. It also helps to remove scratches.
  8. People who are not afraid to risk their case can try to clean it in a washing machine. But it must be put in a special washing bag, otherwise, in the process, it can be damaged with a drum.
  9. If you don’t trust chemical means, use an effective folk method of a lemon. It is suitable for both cleansing and whitening. For this, you have to cut a fruit and impose it for 10-15 minutes on a problem place. Then rinse with water. If there is no lemon, then use lemon juice, it can be applied to a toothbrush.

Take a note – a white or transparent case can turn yellow in a natural way, then it can not always be whitened without removing some of its layers.

What is forbidden to use in cleaning of a rubber phone case?

Mobile phone, even the most primitive, is a delicate thing. Almost all of its details are made from different plastics (sometimes the case is metallic, and the display is made of real glass). Inside elements are harmful to dust and moisture – for example, the battery. A drop of water, caught in the gap between the body and the lid, can disable your device forever. In conclusion, it should be noted that it is impossible to wash the phone as a plastic toy for children.

Some other things are also not recommended. For example, it is forbidden to use for cleaning:

  • alcohol;
  • gasoline;
  • acetone and other solvents.