How to clean meat grinder

With the invention of this electric appliance, it has become so easy to do a minced meat just in a matter of minutes. Now the kitchen has turned into a real home workshop of production of delicious meat dishes. Housewives adore cooking cutlets, meat pasties or other tasty meals, but nobody likes to wash all dirty tableware and especially kitchen appliances. In fact, to accomplish the cleaning of the grinder, they have to assert it and carefully wash out from fat. Today in this article, you will learn the simple secrets how to clean a meat grinder.

Simple and affordable ways of cleaning the meat grinder

After making a minced meat, the walls of the device are filled with fat and food remains. It is not easy to get rid of them, but long and exhausting cleaning can be avoided. To clean the device, try to grind a piece of bread. It absorbs fatty remains and collects other meat. If there is no bread in your house, you can replace it with raw potatoes.

Then rinse the parts and thoroughly dry it. The best variant is to leave the grinder to dry naturally. Do not keep the parts of the device over the kitchen stove, because there is a risk of its deterioration and the color might change too.

It is much complicated to clean the grilles of the device. We have to handle each hole separately. If this annoying procedure bothers you, you can make a homemade cleaner. To do this, attach a grate to any cutting board and hammer a nail into each hole. Kitchen helper is ready. Putting a grille on these nails after using is important.

How to clean a meat grinder from rust?

Usually, rust appears on knives of the device. Using of these parts is not recommended.

Eliminate corrosion in the following ways:

  1. Take vinegar and put the spoiled details in it. In a few minutes, the rust will begin to flake away from the surface. After cleaning, all nozzles should be rinsed and wiped dry.
  2. The second way is to take soda and rub all parts with it. You can make a paste from it, which will help to rub the nozzles to shine.

If you also need to get rid of the unpleasant odor, you should add lemon juice to the soda or salt. Such a mixture not only cleans the lattice but also gives a light citrus flavor. To prevent the formation of rust, it is necessary to grease the details with sunflower oil after each cleaning and wrap them in dry matter.