Any glasses, whether solar, protective spectacles or goggles, eventually become muddy. But since the surface can be very sensitive, there is a risk of scratching it due to mismanagement and careless. So, it is essential to know how to clean goggles safely without damaging them.

  1. The simplest thing is to use special sprays and liquids for glasses cleaning. In particular, this recommendation is relevant for owners of googles with an anti-reflective coating. Specialists from the optics salon will help you to pick up the appropriate tool.Wet wipes for cleaning the optics are quite expensive but very convenient and useful thing. It is comfortable to use on the distant road-trips or at work.
  2. Microfiber napkins or suede are used for cleaning glasses too. These tissues are considered to be the safest tools of removing the dirt. As a last resort, you can use flannel or fleece fabric.Nevertheless, always remember that any napkin needs to be cleaned from time to time. Otherwise it accumulates specks, which turn into an unpleasant sandpaper for your glasses.
  3. Soap is an excellent helper in this problem too. Experts advise cleaning glasses with soap regularly. You do not have to wash them every day; it would be enough to apply soap twice a month.
    There are three variants:

    • Prepare a warm soapy solution and immerse glasses in it, and then rinse under water.
    • Soap the hands and apply the formed foam to goggles, then rinse in a warm running water.
    • Take your favorite shampoo, pour a little on the palms and apply to glasses (procedure lenses and frames).

    In the end, you have to rinse your glasses in a warm, clean water, and then remove the water drops with a paper towel.

  4. How to get rid of weeping? Everyone wearing goggles knows this problem: when you enter the room from the frosty weather, the glasses become fogged, and you see absolutely nothing. But we want to share a secret trick with you. Just apply some toothpaste, a drop of shampoo or glycerin on your lenses. Also you can rub the glasses with dry soap and then wipe it with a clean cloth. These methods form a special a particular layer on the surface, preventing the appearance of condensation.
  5. Hydrogen peroxide. It is one of the most popular ways to clean the glasses: apply hydrogen peroxide to goggles, and then wipe it dry.

How to clean goggles?

Try to process your glasses as less as possible. It significantly increases its service life. Nevertheless, lenses, gaskets and rubber bands should always be clean.

To do cleaning as qualitatively as possible, you need:

  • Carefully rinse all the elements under a cold tap water; it cleans all the chemistry that the pools are treated with.
  • Strain the strap with soapy water, make sure that it does not get on the lenses. Some models allow you to remove the rubber band easily, and then this procedure will be much simpler and better.
  • Thoroughly rinse goggles under a clean running water, especially pay attention to lenses and linings.

It is important to dry the glasses away from sunlight.

How to prevent swimming goggles from weeping?

To prevent swimming goggles from weeping during training, the lenses on the inside have to be covered with an anti-fogging compound, which is necessarily reflected on the product packaging. As a rule, this covering lasts from a few weeks to several months.

In order to keep the anti-fogging compound for as long as possible, pay attention to the following:

  • Avoid touching the inner surface of the lens, do not wipe it from the inside
  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures on glasses (direct sunlight, hot shower, sauna)
  • After training, rinse the glasses in cold water

It is forbidden to clean glasses with the following:

  • Edge of the sleeve.
  • Ammonia alcohol.
  • Strong bleaches and stain removers.
  • Table vinegar.
  • Means for washing glasses.

These remedies are harmful to the lens surface and can spoil your goggles.