How to clean dried urine from mattress

Dried urine spots on the mattress are one of the most stubborn and difficult ones to clean. And many homemakers just do not know how to wash the bed from urine and just rub the stain with water. Trying to struggle with an unpleasant odor, they spray their favorite perfume on the stain and the whole room. But it is not a right solution to disguise the smell for a while. The presence of an odor indicates that the liquid has not been entirely cleared from the mattress. As long as the problem remains unsolved, domestic mites, bacteria, and other parasites will find a cozy place for reproduction in the bed.

In many cases, it is possible to remove stains and disgusting smell of urine from the mattress with different creative resources. But self-cleaning should be done with a technology compliance. Otherwise, the desire to make the mattress clean and fresh will result in irrevocable damage to its upholstery. So, how to remove urine from the mattress?

How to remove a fresh urine spot from a mattress?

How to remove a fresh urine spot from a mattress

A fresh stain of child or animal urine usually is removed almost instantly if you start cleaning the mattress immediately after the puddle appearance. In this case, you have to act very quickly and accurately!

  1. Remove the mattress pad and bring it to the laundry. Then you have to absorb the liquid with a dry towel or napkins as quickly as possible!
  2. Vinegar helps to eliminate the pungent smell of urine. It neutralizes uric acid and destroys its odor. Vinegar should be diluted 1: 3 with water and sprayed onto a mattress from a spray. If you don’t have a spray at home, apply the solution with a sponge, but immediately spread over the treated spot with a napkin to absorb excess moisture.
  3. Ordinary baking soda, the important thing in the kitchen of every housewife, helps to get rid of the remains of moisture. Spill the soda over the stain for 10-15 minutes, and it will absorb the remains of the vinegar solution and urine.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide, which you will find in your medicine chest, is used for removing stains from the mattress surface. For this dilute 100 ml of peroxide in 200 ml of water and shake it well. Then spray or sponge it with napkins on the stain directly over the soda previously spilled on it. As a result of the chemical reaction, a thick and persistent foam should form between soda and peroxide. Leave it to act for 2 hours. Oxygen liberally released during the reaction efficiently decolorizes the stain. After 2 hours, dry the place of a stain with fresh napkins and vacuum it to remove soda from the mattress. After this, leave the mattress in a well-ventilated room for at least 10 hours to completely dry and erode the smells of soda and vinegar.

This method will help you to clean the mattress from the human and even animal urine. Vinegar perfectly copes with even the pungent urine smell from a pet! Recall that this method is suitable only if the spot is fresh.

How to clean dried urine from a mattress?

How to clean dried urine from a mattress

If the unpleasant puddle has dried up, there is no doubt that you would not remove the spot and smell by any creative resources.  Unfortunately, you would not avoid harm and adverse effect on the mattress pad. In this case, urine has already penetrated into the very mattress depths.

Attention, important advice! On many sites, you can see a recommendation to remove a dried urine spot from the mattress with bleach. Never do this! Chlorine is a powerful chemical against contaminants, but you could not wholly rinse the mattress from it! A chlorinated mattress is not the best place to sleep, especially in a baby bed. Besides, the product pad will be under threat too. In the best case, it merely becomes stiffen and tough.

There is a more harmless way of using a cleaning with citric acid to get urine from the mattress. Dilute a teaspoon in a glass of water and apply the composition to the stain. After 1.5-2 hours, blot the damaged place, vacuum it and leave the mattress to dry. In most cases, the acid roosts and discolors the stain. But, as in the case of chlorine, we want to warn you that not every mattress pad will survive under the influence of such aggressive means. Sometimes the stain is corrupted together with the cloth, and the mattress surface can be filled with formed spits and irregularities, and in the case of an utterly unfavorable scenario, there may be even holes. So you decide on your own to risk or not. Anyway, our experience shows that there is a more economical way to get a clean and fresh mattress than buying a new one.

The only guaranteed way to remove the stain and smell with a guaranteed safety of mattress is a professional dry cleaning.

Please note! Having found out a spot of urine on a mattress, do not rub it with common household cleaning agents! Compositions of washing dishes, soap, and other chemistry bottles cannot cope with the stain, but there is a high probability to spoil a mattress pad.

In the case of your attempts to clean the bed using improvised chemicals, no one dry cleaning service will give you a guarantee for work. Do not risk your mattress and better immediately trust it to the hands of professionals!