How to clean beats

How to clean beats

We all know very well how dirty headphones become if we use them and never clean them. Especially it applies to in-ear models – here the dirt even affects the sound. So, these headphones look like do not say that it’s pleasant. Therefore, it is recommended strongly to take the rule of regularly cleaning your favorite “ears.” So, how to clean beats?

How to clean in-ear headphones

How to clean in-ear headphones

So, we need for cleaning: a small container with warm water, soap (or a gentle dishwashing detergent), a soft cloth, a toothbrush and a small towel. Please note that only a little detergent or soap should add to the water.

Next, a little moisten cloth in water with a detergent. We do not need any excess moisture – after all, we deal with electronics. Then remove the covers from the headphones and gently (but carefully) wipe them. Most likely, intractable places will remain untouched. The toothbrush comes in handy. But should not use a brush too hard – you can damage the material of the linings. For certainty, wipe the attachments with a rag again. Well, that’s all – spread out the lining on the towel, let them dry.

As for the cups, clean them too. However, one must be extremely cautious here. Use a slightly damp cloth (almost dry), do not allow moisture to penetrate the structure inside!

It is the easiest and fastest way to clean your beats. By the way, it will not be superfluous to check, whether there are any recommendations for care on the site of the manufacturer of your headphones. Some firms recommend the use of hydrogen peroxide during the cleaning process.

Clean EarPods

How to clean EarPods

All of the above applies to most in-ear headphones. Although in many ways the cleaning process depends on the specific model. Some manufacturers release headphones without removable attachments. For example, Apple produces popular today EarPods, which are not equipped with pads. Of course, another approach needs here, and I want to pay special attention to this model of headphones.

For cleaning EarPods, we will need a toothbrush, toothpick, isopropyl alcohol, a soft rag.

Remove the pollution with a toothpick. Do it very carefully, do not press the grid.

Walk a toothpick over all the grilles of both cups of headphones, but try not to push the dirt inside. Perhaps you can do it better with a toothbrush. By the way, in no case do not damp a toothpick or a toothbrush. Then it is recommended to blow everything, but carefully.

The next stage is alcohol. Everything is extremely simple. Just lightly moisten the finger (or a lint-free cloth) in the alcohol and wipe the body and headphone wires with it, do not let permeate the alcohol inside the bowls. Then decompose the headphones on the cloth and allow them to dry.

I note that there is another way to protect EarPods from dirt – silicone attachments. Corps will always be clean.

Clean overhead headphones

Clean overhead headphones

Finally, let’s say a few words about overhead and full-size headphones. Such models, as a rule, are equipped with foam pads, or overlays of other material that should not be wetted. The fact is that such overlay can lose shape after exposure to moisture. Foam pads best clean with a sticky platen for clothes or with a vacuum cleaner with a slotted nozzle. If it’s not easy to help the embouchure, and wet cleaning is required, do not immerse their in the water completely – wipe them with a damp cloth.