How to clean Apple earbuds

In September 2012, Apple introduced a new model of headphones called Apple Ear Buds. These headphones replaced the previous generation of white headphones that came with the iPod, and later the iPhone. Ear Earphones Apple Ear Buds have become one of the best Apple headphones, thanks to the convenient form of the case, clean sound, and active bass.

Unfortunately, as Ear Pods use, their metal mesh that protects the headphones from earwax is forgotten for natural reasons. And despite the fact that the headphones themselves work fine, you may notice that over time their appearance has become less attractive. The mesh builds up a layer of earwax, spoils the look and mood from using headphones. And it would be nice if the case was limited solely to appearance (although this is also important). But the fact is that in very serious cases it can go as far as deteriorating sound quality. Fortunately, cleaning Ear Pods is a simple procedure that is easy to make at home. Fortunately, how to clean Apple Earbuds, we’ll tell you below :).

How to clean the grid from Apple Ear Buds

How to clean the grid from Apple Ear Buds

To clean the headphones you will need:

  • Cotton buds
  • Toothpicks
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent solvent and allows instant dissolving and softening the accumulated dirt on the grids of headphones.

  1. Apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to a cotton swab and wipe the mesh of Apple Ear Buds, at the same time try not to pour them strongly so that the liquid does not get inside. It is enough to moisten the surface lightly.
  2. After waiting a bit, wipe the mesh with a slightly damp cotton swab dipped in peroxide and use toothpicks to remove sulfur in hard-to-reach places.
  3. After the headphones are cleaned, wipe them again with a dry tampon and leave to dry a little. The headphones will look like new and in this way you can clean most of the dirt.

Attention: this method has only an advisory nature. The authors are not responsible for damage to headphones, use these tips at your own risk.