How to clean Adidas

First of all, you have to determine the type of your Adidas sneakers’ material because the method of cleaning and the kind of a detergent depends on it.

How to clean Adidas sneakers in a right way?

Prepare a set of tools, including an old toothbrush, a shoe brush, soap, water, old newspapers and special compounds for cleaning the suede shoes. The first thing you need to do is gently wash off dirt from the sneakers soles. To clean out the clogged surface from different debris, use an old toothbrush.

How to clean a leather Adidas?

Add an appropriate remedy or shampoo in warm water. Wipe all damaged areas with a wet sponge. Instead of buying a particular product, you can use an ordinary soap solution. Adidas leather sneakers are washed only manually because a washing machine completely spoils it. Also, you cannot use products composed of bleach.

Clean shoes are dried at a room temperature. After complete drying, sneakers are applied with a colorless protective compound for leather shoes.

How to clean a synthetic Adidas sneakers?

First, you need to wash off the dirt with a soft sponge. If Adidas sneakers are too spotted, wash it in warm water with a laundry soap. Stubborn stains can be carefully rubbed with a soft bristle brush. Clean shoes should be properly rinsed and left to dry.

How to clean a textile Adidas sneakers?

Before removing dirt from Adidas textile sneakers, shoes should be dried. Then wipe a dry cloth with a soft brush. After that, the sneakers can be washed with a warm soapy solution and thoroughly rinsed in clean water. Dry the sneakers at room temperature, and then polish with a water repellent agent.

To remove stubborn stains, use gasoline or special stain removers. Textile sneakers are not recommended to be put in a washing machine. In addition, it is forbidden to use a chlorine-containing bleach during the cleaning process.

How to clean suede and nubuck Adidas?

Take the dried suede Adidas sneakers, and sweep away dust and dirt using a soft brush. Then damaged areas should be rubbed with a special stone for suede and nubuck materials. Then apply an appropriate agent for the surface. After drying, the sneakers have to be cleaned with a brush one more time. It is important to move strictly in one direction. Avoid contact of suede with water. Periodically apply water-repellent agents to the shoes.