How to clean a lampshade

Do you want your house to be lighter and more comfortable? Sometimes it is effortless to do – just clean your favorite lampshade, chandelier plafonds or a table lamp. It is not difficult to accomplish.

Before cleaning, remove the lampshade from the base and determine the kind of material. It is important to know what cleaning agents are needed to be used.

How to clean a glass lampshade?

How to clean a glass lampshade

To clean the glass lampshade from dust, wipe it with a dry cloth dampened in antistatic.

For cleaning the strongly contaminated glass lampshade, remove it from a base and wash with warm water using any available detergent, then rinse with warm water and leave to dry or wipe with a waffle towel (it does not leave pile and stains on the glass). If necessary, polish the glass lampshade to shine.

Detergent for washing window panes with the addition of ammonia is a good variant to clean the glass lampshade from dirt and give it a shine.

Lampshades, made of pressed glass, are cleaned in the same way as glass ones.

Plafonds and lampshades made of corrugated and textured glass have to be cleaned with a soft brush.

How to clean a plastic lampshade?

Slightly contaminated lampshades of parchment, plastic, and textiles are cleaned without removing it from the lamp. Use a napkin, or a brush dampened with antistatic. In addition, for this purpose, you can use a vacuum cleaner but be very careful because you risk damaging the fragile material.

To clean a smooth plastic lampshade, wipe it with a cloth moistened with a solution of any mild detergent, and then rinse with water. After cleaning, quickly wipe the lampshade with a soft cloth or leave cover it with a  towel until completely dry.

Do not dry the plastic lampshade near the heaters and in the sun.

How to clean a fabric lampshade?

How to clean a fabric lampshade

Firstly, lampshades from textile materials, silk, the pleated fabric should be cleaned of dust with a brush or soft cloth. It is possible to wash with a wet cloth only if you are sure that the material cannot shed, burn out or shrunk. The textile can also be rinsed in a neutral detergent dissolved in warm water, and then in clean water too. After that, gently wipe the textile lampshade with an absorbent cloth.

To prevent the rust appearance on the wireframe of the lampshade, it is necessary to wipe the metal parts with a dry cloth and then polish it with a dry napkin.

Of course, the other parts of your favorite decor item need to be cleaned.

The heavily smudged lamp parts of the brass and copper will be shinning if you rubbed them in a circular motion with a soft cloth moistened with vinegar and sprinkled with salt.

Hard parts of fixtures, for example, cordels, chains, and metal cartridges are recommended to clean with a dry brush. Nickel and chrome parts are wiped cloth and then with a damp one. If the metal parts of the lamp are too dirty to clean with ordinary methods, use a special compound for cleaning silver.

Wooden parts of a lamp are cleaned as furniture, depending on the type of wood. You can use a furniture polish.

The most important advice is to clean plafonds and lampshades regularly. Follow this simple rule and stop suffering from the lack of lighting, even in the dark season.