How to clean a knife blade

For many hundreds of years, people have come up with a variety of ways to remove rust from the blade of the knife. If you found an old knife in one of your tool sets or accidentally left your favorite knife outdoors in the rain for a long period, you are encountered an unpleasant occurrence of rust on the blade.

Traditional method of cleaning the knife’s blade

Traditional method of cleaning the knife's blade

  1. The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the blade of your knife from dirt, which can prevent the removal of rust. For this, do not use water, because the knife rusts from it first. Instead, you can use cleaning solutions. Lubricate the cloth with a liquid and wipe the knife with it.
  2. Next, inflict to another layer of mortar to the rust on the knife. Wet a rag in the liquid and wrap this knife to better dissolve rust for several hours. You can use almost any type of solution, including kerosene, WD-40, Vaseline, Autosol and even white vinegar.
  3. After a few hours, pull out the knife from the rag and clean the blade from rust. It is better to clean the blade with a coarse cloth or use steel wool to remove rust better.
  4. Carefully wipe off excess dirt and oil with a rag so that the blade of the knife looks like new after cleaning. If it is still far from perfect, repeat all previous operations using another cleaning solution or try one of the alternative methods described below.

Removal of rust from the knife blade by folk remedies

In the case of knives, mechanical cleaning with sandpaper, metal brushes, and even sand of the river should not use. If they will remove all traces of rust, but then during the manipulation of the product will be irreparably damaged. So how do you clean the blade of the knife? It is better to use chemicals that will help clean the blade of the knife and which are always at hand:

  • Removing rust on the knife using vinegar and lemonMix vinegar and lemon juice, taken in equal quantities. The inflict this composition on the surface of the blade and leave it for an hour. Take the sponge and carefully try to remove traces of corrosion. If it does not help, soak the blade in the prepared composition for 2 hours, then treat it again.
  • Removing rust on the knife using tomato paste, sauce or ketchupPractice shows that the metal surface can be clean by applying a little tomato paste, sauce or ketchup on it for only 10 minutes.
  • Removing rust on the knife using soda and water
  • If you do an abrasive paste at home, then only on the basis from baking soda. Just mix the component with lukewarm water and blend it until smooth. The received mass must be inflicted on a blade and left for half an hour. After removing the composition, the metal should be rubbed gently with a soft damp sponge.
  • Can remove not too old education with the help of Coca-Cola . Soak the blade in it for a few minutes or rub with a drink, rusty marks on the knife.
  • Sprinkle old rust with salt, top with fresh lemon juice. We wait five minutes and begin to wipe the contamination with a cut of potatoes (it should be juicy and wet). Only it is necessary to wait until the salt dissolves, it will make scratches on the surface of the metal. After cleaning, rinse the instrument, dry it and, if necessary, repeat the approach.
  • Removing rust on the knife using lactic acid and petrolatumThere is another effective approach that allows not only to get rid of corrosion but also to protect the blade from its further appearance. The first we prepare the composition of two parts of lactic acid and one part of the vaseline oil. The resulting product is applied to the problem area or the entire metal surface. Wait 10 minutes and wipe the remnants of the product with a dry cloth.

From time to time, knives should be treated with alcohol, acetone or kerosene. It will prolong their service life and help protect the material from destruction. If there are a possibility and corresponding skills, you should use for this purpose a special wax, which is applied to the blade a thin layer.