How to clean a coil vape

Over time, carbon starts to accumulate on the spiral atomizer. Black scurf not only spoils the appearance of the heating element but also affects the taste of the liquid. Many vape-beginners do not know how to clean a coil vape. Often, the owners of steam generators simply disable the parts. How to care about atomizers properly?

Regardless of the intensity or style of steaming, the spiral becomes dirty with time.

The spiral could:

  • oxidize;
  • deform;
  • accumulate scurf on the surface.

If you do not take care of the heating element, it may end badly for your device. When the spiral begins to oxidize, a thin layer of rust forms on its surface. The swelling gradually changes the taste of the liquid. In a few weeks, even the premium liquid will get an unpleasant metallic taste, and the throat will sometimes be bitter.

How to clean a coil vape?

clean a coil vape

Most often vapers clean coil with the help of burning. Sometimes it is suggested to use citric acid and even particular chemical compounds for refrigerators. We do not recommend the last variant, because you could not completely remove the solution from the winding, and for a while, you will have to breathe harmful pairs and ruin your health.

The whole process of spiral cleaning can be divided into the following stages:

  • remove the body from the drips;
  • pull out the old cotton wool;
  • press the Fire button and hold it for 5-10 seconds;
  • let the spiral cool down for a little;
  • remove the carbon deposits with a brush.

If necessary, repeat the procedure. There is another way of the immersion of spirals in the water. Beginners are nor recommended to use this method because most of all you risk filling the device with water. In this case, the vape needs to be repaired by specialists from the service center (or probably you will be forced to throw it away).

The frequency of coil vape cleaning

The coil vape needs to be cleaned once in 3-8 days. Vapers, who prefer dessert liqueurs and refills with dyes, tend to wash spirals more often. The more additives in the liquid, the more often it is necessary to clean the winding from the carbon deposit.