How to clean WeatherTech mats

Dirty WeatherTech mats can spoil the appearance of an automobile. Regular cleaning of rugs will help to get rid of dirt, stains and other forms of contaminations.

While most people are cautious with carpets in their house, they pay less attention to the rubber car mats. In addition to the fact that untidy rugs spoil the interior of the car, it also has a harmful impact on your health. Automobile WeatherTech mats get dirty even if you diligently try to prevent it. The fact that the mats are the most susceptible to mess part of the car, as passengers often have dirty shoes, especially during the rainy season.

The appearance and general condition of the mats worse if children and pets travel in the same vehicle. Thus, the regular cleaning of carpets is the only solution to this problem. Even though you can hire specialists for this job, you can do it yourself.

How to clean car’s WeatherTech mats?

How to clean car’s WeatherTech mats

You can spend from 30 minutes to one hour on cleaning of rubber mats. Remove the dirty rugs from a car for manual or machine washing (only for certain types). After the mats are removed, carefully vacuum the interior of a vehicle. Make sure that you thoroughly cleaned the floor, especially under seats, around pedals and between front seats. For this, you can select a special cleaning foam or a household cleaner for carpets.

If you lack specialized cleaning products, prepare a solution of vinegar (a quarter of glass), one teaspoon of detergent without bleach and hot water. Now, you have to spray this carpet cleaner or a homemade solution over the entire surface of the mat. It should be noted that the mat should not be impregnated with a cleaning agent. After spraying, wipe the surface with a sponge in a circular motion. Leave the mats for twenty minutes. After that, wipe off WeatherTech mats with a sponge or dry towel. Now the mats are clean, but still a little wet. Open car’s windows and leave it to dry for a day.

How to remove stains from the surface of WeatherTech mats?

How to remove stains from the surface of WeatherTech mats

Spots on the WeatherTech mats can easily be removed with the help of specialized stain removal products designed specifically for this purpose. Apply the product on a stain before general cleaning. There are different types of spots, and the approach to them is also different. In addition to commercial products, there are many other tools which can be used to remove stains. White vinegar is an effective helper for most types of contaminants.

Apply it to the stain with a soft cloth, and then get wet. You can also use hydrogen peroxide (3 percent) to remove stains from mats. Hydrogen peroxide can lead to the fading of some rugs, so first check its effect on the hidden corner. Hydrogen peroxide is considered to be the most effective thing in removing organic spots, including blood.

Stubborn stains can be removed with the means for glass cleaning, and also spray for hair helps to get rid of spots. A thin layer of paint is good in removing grease spots. The alcohol-containing stains should be cleaned immediately and washed with water. Removing of spots from the surface of WeatherTech mats should be done after thoroughly vacuuming the carpet. Some people prefer to get rid stains during the cleaning of rugs.

As you can see, car WeatherTech mats can be easily cleaned. You just need some free time and some necessary for cleaning products. You can do this at home, but you have to repeat the cleaning every six months to keep the car interior clean.