How to clean a virus from iPhone

The mobile operating system iOS is considered to be one of the safest and most secure systems. After all, in the entire history of the OS, there are about two dozen different malicious programs. Therefore, it is almost impossible that your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple Watch catch a virus. But anyway in some situations your device is under threat.

Having read the information below, you will learn the following: how to check the iOS device for viruses; find out about the types of malware, and how to get rid of it in case of detection; what to do to prevent the device’s threats in future.

How to check iPhone or iPad for viruses?

In fact, it is impossible. There is practically no software for testing (actually, it does not exist at all). If you enter the word “antivirus” in the search for the App Store, you will see just one download application, which offers just to remove spam in the mailbox.  It is not a kind of anti-virus protection. So what are we supposed to do?

Do not worry; everything is quite simple. If you notice any non-standard activity of your device or some other malfunctions, be aware that your phone operating system is likely to be damaged by a virus. For example, you notice the constant appearance of advertising or cannot run some apps. In most cases, you do not even suspect about it because the existing malicious programs practically do not ruin anything and are difficult to recognize.

The first conclusion: there are no antiviruses and other programs for testing for the iPhone and iPad.

What kinds of viruses are possible for iOS?

It may seem that there is a too small number of viruses to variate. Anyway, there is a difference between them:

“Harmless” – for example, the very first malicious code for iOS. This virus just displayed the message “Shoes” at different time intervals in a chaotic order. In addition, we know about the sensational WireLurker, which installed a regular comic book on a device.

“The Thief” steals the user’s personal information, from phone numbers to credit card data and passwords of various services. Such malicious programs were created for a particular category of commercial organizations. For example, the story with the bank IGN is quite popular.

“SMS” – messages spreading via short message service. In fact, this is not a virus. However, after getting a specific message, the device can glitch, hang up or start slowing down, etc.

The second conclusion: Viruses, despite their small number are quite diverse.

How to remove a virus from iPhone or iPad?

As you have already read, there are no special anti-virus programs for iOS. By the way, I will anticipate your question: «How so? After all, the App Store has antivirus software. Yes, they do»!  Yes, they are in the store. However, if you look closely and mindfully, they are just for a “tick”. Feedback from users is low and its main function, to which we are accustomed, is not done. Therefore, these apps cannot remove the virus and clean the device. What to do?

In fact, the appearance of a virus on the iPhone or iPad is a “significant” (because of its unusual) event, which means that Apple almost immediately becomes aware of this. The company immediately closes the “hole” in the software, releasing a timely update. But you should not take into account such problem as banners (pop-up over the content of the site) in Safari – they use the browser cookie. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it.

The third conclusion: update the firmware on time.

How to protect iPhone and iPad from viruses?

First of all, we advise not to install modified versions of the operating system especially if you are not sure of the developer’s reputation. Think whether there is a real need for jailbreaking because, after its execution, the access to the file system is opened not only to the owner but also to intruders, making device’s damage much accessible.

Always update the software in time. Apple releases new versions of firmware is not to annoy its users, as many believe. In the recently released versions, in addition to various useful functions, problems of previous systems are successfully solved.