How to clean tartar off dog's teeth

Careful care of the oral cavity is important not only for people. Our four-footed friends also need regular sanitation of jaws. Tartar of dog’s teeth is a quite common problem, but it is possible to solve and prevent its appearing even at home without the help of veterinarians.

Do tartar need to be removed from a dog?

Do tartar need to be removed from a dog

Many pet owners mistakenly think that the removal of dental calculi is too complicated and almost not possible. In fact, not only professionals can do this. Despite the fact that the hardened plaque cannot be cleaned with an ordinary brush, there are many effective ways how to get rid of yellow or gray unattractive teeth shades easily.

The plaque on teeth, not eliminated in time, turns into growths called dental calculus. Basically, it affects the front teeth of an animal. As a rule, first, the yellowness covers only the lateral surfaces of the incisors and canines, then above and below. Further, the hardened plaque builds up at the gums, at the very bottom of the tooth. And only after the calculus-covered base the formed covering captures the entire surface of the crown.

Never ignore such procedure as the removal of tartar dogs teeth. Thanks to its systematic implementation, you can save dog’s teeth healthy as long as possible, helping to avoid them from caries, gum disease, and subsequent loss. Besides, it is impossible in any case to ignore the aesthetic side of the healthy appearance of the dog’s mouth. After all, clean and white teeth look more beautiful than the teeth “dirty” shade. Often tartar is the cause of an unpleasant odor from the dog’s jaws.

How often the dog’s teeth need to be cleaned?

How often the dog’s teeth need to be cleaned

The lack of regular cleansing of the oral cavity brings a lot of trouble to the person and his lovely pets. Often, the teeth, damaged by tartar outgrowths, are not amenable to treatment. If you cannot save them, the only way to solve the problem is to remove them. Sometimes we ignore the curable stage of caries, and then it suddenly becomes impossible to treat. In this case, the only solution is to get rid of a damaged teeth in order to prevent further decay of deeper bones. Perhaps, a long-lasting raid can be removed, but it has to be done in a medical institution under general anesthesia, which brings additional troubles, waste of time and money.

So, you are not required to devote time to the dog’s jaws treatment every day. Two or three times throughout the year would be enough. This is unpainful for an animal, and the need for anesthesia disappears. The procedure lasts no more than half an hour. Therefore, spending such an insignificant amount of time, the owner will be rewarded with sparkling and healthy teeth of his favorite pet.

Removing of tartar dog’s teeth: the first method

Removing of tartar dog’s teeth

Many people are afraid to conduct a cleaning session of the oral cavity at home. In fact, there will be no difficulties if we follow the elementary advice described below. In addition, the first cleaning should be carried out by a doctor. Being close to the hands of a specialist and watching the procedure if treatment, the owner can take note of the sequence and accuracy of all the manipulations. However, having decided to remove tartar dog’s teeth without the help of a specialist, it is important to act decisively and without further deliberation. Otherwise, there is a huge risk to damage the weak enamel or gums, which, naturally, will cause pain and discomfort to the animal.

Today, in order to clear dental calculus and plaque of animal’s teeth, it is necessary to determine the method for the procedure. Manipulation can be done both chemically and mechanically. The first is considered to be the easiest way of cleaning dog’s teeth at home. Buy the drug “Ksident” (or any analog) in the veterinary pharmacy.

Then it is necessary to follow the instructions step by step:

  1. Apply a healing elixir to a previously prepared piece of cloth.
  2. Apply the wet tissue to the tooth so that the medicine enters the surface and the anchored zone.
  3. Firmly press it for a couple of minutes.
  4. After the time has elapsed, the tooth should be wiped thoroughly so that no chemical remains on it.

Mechanical removal of tartar on dog’s teeth

Mechanical removal of tartar on dog’s teeth

The second method requires some owner’s effort. If the dissolving fluids cannot cope with a strong plaque or with large dental calculus, the caring owner can use an appropriate dental instrument – the so-called scaler. It is not necessary to use this specialized tool; you can take anything for work. The main thing is that the cutting part has to be blunt in order not to damage the animal’s gums.

It is worth noting that dental calculus of large sizes, basically, is always formed on the upper jaw. At the bottom, the plaque develops into smaller growths that can be easily dissolved and removed with the help of an elixir.