How to Clean Laminate Floors

A large number of people, choosing a floor covering, stop on such material as a laminate. And this is quite explainable because the use of the laminate coating is very beneficial due to a lot of its good and useful properties.

How to Provide an Appropriate Laminate Care

Laminate is made of durable material that saves the floor covering from rapid wearing out. So do not hesitate, it will serve you for a long time. One of the significant features of the laminate coating is that it looks very attractive. It is easy to provide a laminate care because this material is very low-maintenance.

However, with all these features, we can’t help noticing the contrary fact that, like any other floor covering, the laminate needs to be cleaned from time to time. With ages, it loses former brilliance. We want to warn you that incorrect material cleaning can also negatively affect its amazing appearance.

To help you avoid a material spoiling, and keep your floor beautiful and shiny, we will share with you how to care and clean the laminate in a proper way.

Laminate Care

As we have already mentioned, the laminate in comparison with other floor coverings does not require a particular attention. Nevertheless, some efforts should be applied to keep the laminate attractive appearance. Also, you can not exclude the fact that the laminate can sometimes be negligently damaged. Then care is required too.

  1. If you prefer soap-based products for washing the laminate, be careful because soap leaves white stains. It is important to immediately get rid of this trouble since stubborn soap remains are often difficult to clean.
  2. Not everyone knows that for removing stains from the laminate, it is enough to use an aerosol for windows cleaning. Remember, there is no necessity to resort to the help of strong cleaners. Be careful with the amount of ammonia contained in the aerosol, because this element can damage the protective layer of the coating.
  3. Dirt and dust cover any coating every day including the laminate. Therefore, it is important to provide light cleaning every day (we recommend reading the ways of getting rid of dust). Unlike other floor coverings, the laminate in no case can be treated with wax – this damages a floor shining.
  4. Despite the fact that the laminate floor is strong enough, do not ignore this feature. Avoid walking on it in sharp heels. Lay a rug on the areas where you walk a lot. In addition to the shoe damage, it will also protect the floor from contamination.

What Spoils the Laminate Covering?

  1. Firstly, if you spill any liquid on the floor and don’t notice it and don’t eliminate the problem immediately, then it is likely that the coating will deform.
  2. Do not move heavy objects; it leads to mechanical damage. This reason of the laminate damaging is considered to be the most common. Therefore, take care of your floor safety, and if possible, put a special lining-attachments on the furniture. These soft items are an excellent floor protection against scratches.
  3. If you have pets, we recommend cutting the claws more often, since the laminate can be scratched by them. But some types of the laminate are resistant to such damages.

Stains Removing from the Laminate Flooring

Often we get such trouble when the floor is stained with a nail polish. Do not panic! This is easily corrected with slightly warm water, a cleaning powder and an ordinary sponge.

Be careful! The powder should not be strongly rubbed; this can lead to the floor damage. And if we are talking about an inexpensive type of the laminate, then this danger is especially unpleasant.

If your laminate floor is filled with fatty spots, you can get rid of them only in several stages:

  • First, freeze these stains. To do this, put ice or some products from the freezer on the damaged areas, for example, frozen meat;
  • when the spot freezes, use a plastic scraper, this will help to protect the surface from damage;
  • and at the end simply remove the stains remains using an ordinary cleaning agent.

Accidentally spilled alcohol on the laminate can be removed too. Just use a rag moistened in warm water with a cleaner. For a better result, the rag can be moistened with a denatured alcohol.

In case of the laminate coating contact with ink, we advise you to have a particular remedy for the trouble removing at home.

We hope these agents will become good assistants in the floor coating care, and let this activity of cleaning become joyful and even pleasant for you!