How to Clean a Dishwasher without Vinegar

The dishwasher was invented in order to remove the remnants of food and various impurities from the dishes. The appliance regularly functions with various cleaning agents, and many users do not even realize that the dishwasher itself needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. You need to know how to clean the dishwasher at home to keep the device operational.

Of course, any device requires cleaning from the outside: after all, dust and particles of dirt, which can be found in the kitchen air, gather on it. But this is not enough. When using the dishwasher, contamination from food residues and foam from soap may appear on the elements inside the appliance in due course. This may cause a foreign smell from the dishwasher.

Cleaning the Dishwasher without Vinegar

Remember that, like all the appliances that have regular contact with tap water, it can get covered with scale and rust. Even if you regularly add special agents, they can still damage the mechanism of the device. That’s why regular cleaning of your dishwasher with special agents is needed not only from the outside, but also inside.

To remove scale and dirt inside the device, it is recommended to use special detergents or folk tricks. Any of the options listed below will teach you how to clean the dishwasher without vinegar. Having performed consistent actions, you are sure to get a cleaning effect.

Sodium Borate

A good result can be obtained by adding some borax. How can you clean the dishwasher with this product? The entire surface of the device must be treated with a large amount of sodium borate, and diluted in a 5:1 ratio solution poured into the dishwasher compartment. Then you should turn on the appliance for a standard washing cycle and wait for the program to finish.


Many housewives use bleacher to remove various impurities. To obtain the desired effect, you can clean the device with some detergent, adding a glass of bleacher. In this case, you should turn on the device for a high-temperature washing cycle.

Soda Bomb

If there are contaminated spots on the dishwasher parts after all the manipulations, they can be removed with a soda bomb.

  1. To prepare it, mix 2 glasses of soda with 3 tbsp. of 3% hydrogen peroxide and add a teaspoon of essential oil. The form of the received mixture resembles wet sand.
  2. It is necessary to form balls of different sizes from the mass.
  3. After their hardening, you need to put the balls on the bottom of the dishwasher.
  4. You should put a bowl with two glasses of vinegar onto the upper compartment, turn on the dishwasher and enjoy the excellent result.

When the dishwasher is operated, a loud hiss may sound, which should be ignored.

The following methods are very effective. If you haven’t managed to obtain the desired cleaning effect, then your device has very serious problems associated with the operation of internal elements or the occurrence of blockages. In this case, you need to contact the service center professionals for help.