From time to time, your car seats need washing. So it is necessary to know how to clean it and which detergents are the best for it. Following our recommendations, you won’t spoil the seat upholstery.  Read this article, and you will find out how to do this procedure quickly and currently.

Which means to use in cleaning of car cloth seats?

In order to quickly accomplish this task, use the household chemical products that are sold in the profile stores. Many automobile owners try to remove dirt from the car seats with the help of the folk remedies.

Read the following list to decide which folk helper are the best for you:

  • Vanish;
  • Fairy;
  • Leather cleaning agent;
  • laundry soap;
  • vinegar;
  • ammonia alcohol;
  • lemon acid;

Don’t forget to acquire the items of the following list if you don’t have it at home to make the cleaning process easy and quickly:

  • a washbowl for soap solution;
  • brushes;
  • rags;
  • a vacuum cleaner;

Important information! Please note that the means that are suitable for cleaning leather seats may not be appropriate in your case, and can spoil the velor and fabric coverings. Do not use means for cleaning the fabric upholstery for the leather ones.  Carefully select the products before you clean the car seats.

After getting all needed items, start cleaning. Follow the instructions:

  1. Dilute the chemistry means you have acquired in hot water. The instructions for use describes the proportions of mixing the product with a water. Stir the chemicals with water (you can use a stick) and make sure that there is at least 70% of the washbowl volume is filled with a foam.
  2. Apply foam with a sponge to a stain or a dirty surface and leave it to soak through the fabric (if the seat is leather, then simply apply a foam to the surface with a sponge). It is advisable to clean the entire element.
  3. Wait until the chemical agent begins to interact with stains. This takes about 3-5 minutes.
  4. Use a brush or sponge to rub the seat surface. Be careful and do not overdo it. It is better to repeat the procedure a couple of times, if the stain is stubborn, than rub and damage the upholstery.
  5. Ged rid of the dirty foam from the surface using a vacuum cleaner and a few napkins.
  6. Ventilate the automobile interior. If possible, leave the window half-opened for a few hours to dry cars seats and get rid of the smell of dampness.

Before cleaning the seat with any coating, vacuum it to remove the most dust and dirt. Then apply the remedy that seems to you to be the best.

Leather car seats cleaning

There are a lot of special tools aimed for cleaning and polishing the leather on the market. Most often they have a creamy consistency and are suitable for all kinds of upholstery. In addition to the main function, these products give the leather a rich beautiful shade and gloss, restoring and refreshing its structure.

It is used in the following ways:

  • Apply the cleanser to the suede cloth and a small amount directly to the upholstery.
  • In a circular motion, rub the product into the leather until it is absorbed.
  • Get rig of cream remains with a dry, clean cloth.
  • Allow the car interior to dry for a few hours.

Cleaning of a textile car seats

Depending on the intensity of the dirt and stubbornness of the stains on the upholstery, choose one of the solutions described below to solve the problem. So which means to use and how to clean the car seats?

You can use different means for the house cleaning, for example Vanish or Fairy.

Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Vacuum the seats. If there is no vacuum cleaner, clean it from dust with a brush for car seats or a sponge.
  • Dilute the concentrate in water with 1: 3 proportions.
  • Pour the solution into the spray gun:
  • Spray it on the entire surface.
  • Wipe with a brush until a small foam is formed and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Take another brush and treat the wipe surface with it, periodically wetting it with water.
  • Do this until the amount of foam lows.
  • Take a clean rag and soak it in water.
  • Wiping the seats, and don’t forget to rinse the rag in a water, because it absorbs all the dirty foam.
  • Take another dry rag and wipe the seats a couple of times, each time changing a cloth to a dry one.
  • If possible, leave your windows half-opened for about a half of an hour.
  • Wipe the surface of the seats with a dry, clean brush.

How to clean cloth car seats with household products

If chemical products are a taboo for you or you just do not want to waste time walking to the shop and choosing an appropriate cleaning agent, look for some household products. Probably these items are in your home.

So how to clean cloth car seats with household products?

 Method 1

Еhe vinegar solution or a laundry soap will help you to solve a problem of cleaning car seats from wine and other kinds of alcohol. It is very simple to use:

  1. Prepare the soapy water or an acetic solution.
  2. Apply to the stain.
  3. Remove dirt with a brush.
  4. Rinse it with water and dry.

Method 2

We recommend removing tea, coffee, juice and other food stains will help of citric acid or ammonia. For this, follow the instruction:

  1. Apply a selected product to the rag or cotton pad.
  2. Attach it to the spot on the seat and leave it for a few minutes.
  3. Wipe it with the same rag to completely remove the dirt.
  4. Rinse the cleaned area with water.

Important! If the upholstery fabric refers to a delicate or bright color, dilute detergent with water in equal parts before cleaning the seats in a car. It will help to reduce the concentration of the active substance, but the efficiency and quality of cleaning will not change.

Method 3

Synthetic stains, for example, cosmetics, ink, and shoe polish, are easily removed with an ethyl alcohol. Apply it the next way:

  1. Damp a sponge with alcohol.
  2. Apply it to the stain.
  3. To avoid stain spreading, wash the damaged area with a damp cloth.

Try to clean your car seats regularly. It helps to prevent stubborn stains and keeps your automobile clean and fresh. Use the tips described in this article and this procedure will be effortless and fast for you.