The word “clean” sounds easy and pleasant in many languages, and ours is no exception. A man, who is neat in daily life and clear in business, is always valued and respected – and we do our best to be or at least to look like this. But, as Pan Gzhegorchik, the witty person, wrote, “Every existing order has to be continuously put in,” purity has to be constantly maintained.

People clean a wide variety of the most unexpected things – from a stain on clothes to a spot on reputation. They remove the scum from the kettle, and at the same time, they try to get rid of «echoes of dirty rumors» on their Internet page. Failures are caused not only because of inappropriate methods. It is all about people – we cannot change a behavior of Internet friends, old women at your porch or even fellows nearby. Yes, this is not our choice, but often not our responsibility.

But we are responsible for our internal and external neatness. We want everything to be perfect including floors in an apartment, chairs in a car, and dishes in the kitchen. At least we would like it to be pleasant and acceptable. Someone considers its pettiness. Perhaps it is. However, the complex puzzle of modern life cannot be collected without a settled routine, coziness and purity. That’s why simple and practical tips how to clean tableware or jewelry, remove stains, get rid of the unpleasant smell and dozens of similar topics are useful and current anytime. At the same time, it raises the popularity of sites like ours.

How to clean

Seriously, do many people nowadays have enough time and money to wait for a specialist, who knows how to clean a carpet in your room? Or a mattress? Is it always faster, cheaper, more convenient and efficient to pay for a service than doing it by yourself? Or there are other difficulties? What if some of us just don’t guess that it can be done without calling a cleaning master? But the most people don’t know how to do this at all. After reading our advice, everything turns to be much simpler and safer than you think. You will have a clean and fresh thing that may look like a new one. Moreover, the pleasant bonus is guaranteed – just count the difference in price of services provided by a master and money spent on your work. Besides, you should estimate the delivery time to a workshop and back. For a complete picture, predict the risk to spoil the thing if it couldn’t be cleaned.

Speaking about simple everyday things, cleaning of a wide variety of items and accessories at home is much beneficial and comfortable than we have always thought. By the way, family silver is also well cleaned at home. Another important factor is human’s psychology. Experts state that the process of getting rid of stains, dirt, and rubbish makes you feel relieved and satisfied. We have collected many tips how to save effort and get a practical result. Let the cleaning be positive, easy and productive.

Recommendations like «How to clean something useful by your own» may seem to be interesting only for unemployed people, accustomed to living freely and slowly. This belief is entirely wrong. After all, the knowledge of simple methods and techniques will help not only to establish contacts with colleagues, giving reasonable advice on time but also it is essential to know for everyone. Such practical ability allows people of intellectual work not to depend on the coincidence of circumstances, and it is not about the secretary from office jokes which is unable to remove a crumpled paper from the printer or replace the filter in the coffee machine. It is much more. After all, in different life situations like on the road, on long-distance travel, or on the eve of a crucial presentation that should start on time, you just don’t have time to search for a specialist or a serviceman to help you. The problem has to be solved immediately.

Of course, different difficult situations are hard to deal with independently. It is about complex, fragile and even antique items, which can be well cleaned only by professionals. Anyway, you have to make an acquaintance with a cleaner, find out about his way of work and discuss what result to expect under the certain circumstances. These questions are often opened before the problem occurs; therefore, we hope that the information there will be useful for you.